Evolt takes reliability seriously, therefore Evolt has a warranty system that requires the return of faulty products for inspection. By inspecting all warranty items, Evolt collects data on the root cause of the problem. This data is invaluable to creating better products and reducing future warranty claims. Additionally, in some cases, Evolt uses the data to change the product design to better suit the use cases of our customers.

Should you need to claim a warranty on a product sold by Evolt, the following is a guide to help you make your claim

For electricians

Return to the place of purchase.

Within 30 days of discovering a fault, please return the product to your place of purchase. This would normally be an electrical wholesaler or lighting retailer.

You will need to provide the following information with your return

  • Proof of purchase
  • Description and quantity of the claimed fault
  • Address and application of the installation
  • Operating hours of the product. (i.e., 9-5 weekdays etc.)

The wholesaler or retailer will then lodge your warranty claim with Evolt.


As a seller of Evolt products, you are required to contact Evolt and start the warranty process.

  1. Create a warranty claim by emailing Evolt (sales@evolt.com.au) with the following information:
  • The Invoice number for the original purchase.
  • The Item number/ code of the returned product.
  • The number of items returned.
  • The reason for return and description of the fault.
  • The information that the customer has provided.
  1. Evolt will then evaluate the warranty information, and if the product is still within its warranty period issue a GRA number for the return of the goods. Sign and complete the GRA before emailing it back to Evolt.
  2. Return the product to Evolts warranty warehouse for evaluation. Note:
    Evolt’s quality system requires that all warranty items be returned to Evolt which allows our warranty team to perform root cause analysis on the product. This allows Evolt to understand warranty issues and proactively make improvements to the products which reduces the failure rate.
  3. Evolt will advise you if the warranty claim was successful or was rejected. If the warranty claim was rejected, you will be advised of the terms of rejection.
  4. Should your warranty claim be accepted, Evolt will refund your original purchase price.

All warranty claims are subject to Evolts Terms and Conditions of sale.
For more warranty details download the Evolt Terms and Conditions, the Atom Warranty, or visit Ektor.com.au/warranty.


You can contact our customer experience team via phone or email sales@evolt.com.au for more information or assistance on your warranty or return claim.